Auto and Work Injuries

Automobile Injuries

Dr. Barker has advanced certification in the treatment of whiplash injuries and biomechanics from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. Most doctors of chiropractic can treat automobile injuries but having a doctor familiar with the current research will help you get the treatment you need because of a better understanding of how you were hurt. For example did you know a study out of Japan showed that there were more injuries in collisions without damage to the car than in collisions above 15 and below 40mph. That is because the crush of metal absorbed energy of the crash that otherwise would have been transmitted to the occupants. Don't be one of those people that talk about how they have never been the same since the accident, get the care you need to recover as much as possible.

Work Injuries

Dr. Barker has been a resource for years to local occupational injury clinics. His ability to work work with your Medical doctor provides them with an effective alternative to the typical medication and therapy route. If you have been involved in a work injury call our office to find out if we can help you get back to work faster.

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