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Dr. Dennis J. Barker


Walnut Creek Chiropractor Dennis J. Barker,D.C. has been helping patients at the Tice Valley office since 1994. He was recognized for his contributions to the profession and his community by his peers by being voted Contra Costa Chiropractor of the year not once but twice! He has worked hard to protect the rights of the patient to get the care they need by serving on the board of directors of the California Chiropractic Association and presiding over the Contra Costa Chiropractic district.

His experience as a personal trainer gives him the understanding of how not only to prevent injuries but how to get the athlete back in their sport as fast as possible. After having two disc herniations with one treated surgically Dr. Barker understands the pain, fear, and suffering of disc problems. His patients feel confident that they are being treated by someone that understands what they are feeling, and that they are receiving the best care for their specific problem. So Tice Valley Chiropractic leads the way with the most up to date non-surgical solutions today.

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